Paleo in the News

Here are a couple Paleo related thingys I’ve been diggin’ this week

First and foremost take a look at Jimmy Moore’s  Top 10 Low-Carb Headlines of 2010 for some good paleo related finds.

If you have youngn’s take a listen to Sarah Fragoso from EverydayPaleo on Robb Wolf’s weekly podcast. Sarah is a mother who has practical experience with feeding little ones paleo food. Also since this is one of the first posts I must implore you to check out Robb’s blog and his podcasts, they are awesome. Oh yea, Robb wrote a little book called the Paleo Solution, maybe you’ve heard of it, if not check it out.

Mark Sisson’s blog put me on to this super interesting video called Tenacious DNA. Check out the videos in “related” they are entertaining as well

Oh also, I successfully made (two prior failed attempts) some amazing pulled pork. I wrote about it here.

Recipes I’m planning on trying sometime soon…..

Everyday Paleo’s Coconut Milk & Curry Frittata

This one looks like a nice ‘n quick meal on the go.

This is one I’ve been dying to try … I’m doing some big lifting right now in my workouts so this will help pack on the meat

Free the Animal’s Meat Crust Pizza

’til next post…


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